Firefox 3 download day ERRORS

There are many problems at the moment about this download day.

Fist of all you couldn't know at what time of the day you could have begun downloading, I had to go to the forum to discover that the launch time was established for 10.00am PST (17.00 UTC, 19.00 here in Italy).

The servers got down 9 minutes after the launch.

The official page was returned error for more than one hour, and then it loaded in a fancy way (i just made one screenshot, but i've seen that page loaded in worse ways). Please note in the screenshot the
<<<< mine ======
word at the top of the page and the version details shown in the button to download Firefox 3.

I quote a comment seen on Slashdot: "Awesome ... 9 minutes after they open the gates and the site is already offline ... I guess its good they make web browsers and not web servers."


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