religious faith

Lately, talking or chatting with friends, the "religious faith" subject came on several times... many of those who does not belive in any religion asks how it's possible to have faith.

The problem seems to be in the concept of faith. A man with faith in God is probably seen like a person who decided to blind himself and to stop his capability of reasoning... Maybe faith itself is seen as an instrument to feel in peace escaping from the reality...

Actually i don't know exactly what kinda idea does others have of faith... but i don't think it's nothing strange to imagine.

I think nobody can say that Nature Laws exists, but no one knows exactly how those laws works... scientists study on it, they are wondered by those Laws so much that they wanna spend their lifes to get closer to that knowledge. There are things in Nature that scientists can explain using reasonments, and there are things still unexplained.
As we can see those unexplained events, we trust those events happends, even if we still don't know how.

I think Faith in God's will can be compared with Nature Laws "faith"... there's a time in our lifes in which we experience a God presence and so we can say He exists, but we still can't explain all those things that happends sorrounding us... we can just say those happends. Wondering about those experiences, we wanna learn more about it, and so we do studying and reasoning to try to explain what we are able to... what's strange in that?

I perfectly understand those who says that they don't trust in nothing else but themselves... it's a easy point to reach. I used to think at this solution too, and even if now i don't think that way anymore, i still think that i gotta learn a lot from eachother experiences... cuz God is in their lifes too ^_^

Uhm... well, i already wrote the pointy thing of this post and actually i'm a lil bit tired ^^"
I hope to be not misunderstood in what i wanted to communicate, and pls excuse my poor ability in writing in english :P

Have a nice time (and pls leave me a comment for those posts you wanna criticize!) ^_^

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